Building pathways to quality treatment.

We help hospitals consistently connect patients to quality addiction treatment.

The Problem

Without FLT Medical, hospitals struggle to connect patients to quality addiction treatment. 


Most hospitals rely on outdated lists of treatment providers and struggle to find a place that can accept the patient.

  • There's no way to easily match a patient to a facility based on their insurance. 

  • No one knows which facilities have room to accept patients on any given day. 


  • Care coordinators call facilities one-by-one until one can eventually see a patient for an assessment.


Our Solution


We created a simple way for providers to communicate their information directly to the hospital.


Then we partnered with hospitals to create three ways to make this information actionable:

  1. FLT Treatment Guides - Physical guides distributed quarterly to hundreds of points of care. Hospitalists use them to refer to quality treatment centers.

  2. EHR Integration - A way for hospitals to quickly match patients to quality providers directly from their EHR. 

  3. FindLocalTreatment.com - A public website for searching and filtering local providers based on insurance, availability, treatments, and more. 

Let's Work Together.

If you provide evidence-based addiction treatment or are a health system looking for a more effective way to refer patients to addiction treatment, contact us today.